hey there, summer! nice of you to finally make an appearance!

Summer finally arrived this weekend. it’s in the 90s to 100 all over the greater Los Angeles area.

Pretty good weekend, though.


Watched the UCLA game at Alicia’s, noshed on some sammies while watching UCLA pummel University of Texas. This moment in particular was priceless.

Afterwards, we caravaned out to the LA County Fair. I missed a few turns, so we didn’t make it till about sundown, which worked out well for us since it was sooo craaazy hot all day. Didn’t actually end up eating so much – no zucchini weenies this year and didn’t really feel like eating many fried desserts – but it was still a good time hanging out. Ken tried to challenge me to a Pikachu vs Panda carnival game-off, but he didn’t win anything, and I just ended up buying him a panda chia pet thing.


Lunch at Capital Seafood in Irvine with Dennis. Capital Seafood is really good and was surprisingly decent quality, especially for the price. Would definitely go back again. Followed it up with 85°, where the line was crazy long, so I skipped the pastries and just got a sea salt coffee. Sea salt coffee is really tasty.

And now I’m home, needing to pack and having a fair amount of work on my plate. I don’t mind the working, but it’s really annoying when someone else’s incompetence affects what you’re trying to accomplish. C’est la vie, just have to find a workaround. But first, a quick nap in the shade. =)