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NPR’s Decade in Music series gives some well-deserved props to Britney’s song “Toxic”. Yes, you heard me: WELL-DESERVED, dammit!

via npr.org The Decade In Music: Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ (2004) : NPR Posted via web from pearl’s posterous

random notes from the weekend

• “Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl” (the first Pirates of the Carribean movie) is really not that great. i was watching it this weekend and i realized that i didn’t remember a single scene from the movie. i’m not really eager to see the second one, either. • “Talladega Nights” is […]

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark

currently spinning: death cab for cutie – plans current track: i will follow you into the dark i have a really bad habit of not listening to albums all the way through. i think i’ve listened to the latest dcfc album completely through maybe once or twice because i always get caught up in the […]

whoa, nelly~!

I’ve been a long-time fan of Nelly Furtado since her “Like a Bird” days (did I mention I met her once? She’s even shorter than me!!), and her new album “Loose” is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. I really like almost every song on this cd, although I’m partial to the […]

music update

been totally behind, but here’s a few things i’ve been listening to lately: singles: bloc party – so here we are devendra banhart – will is my friend daft punk – digital love air – kelly watch the stars albums: ben folds – songs for silverman groove – ost ryan adams – gold radiohead – […]

the grey album

listening to dj dangermouse’s ‘grey album‘ right now, and damn is it good. song of the moment: jay-z and dangermouse (and of course the beatles) – what more can i say

mini music update…

that kelis song ‘milkshake’ is so freaking good. got me listening to another old single of hers, “caught out there“. i’m amazed at how well she captures the song’s anger and emotion. it leaves a person shaking.

punting work

i have a tendency to be most productive when i’m hitting a deadline. this includes productivity in relation to what i’m supposed to be doing and what i’m not supposed to be doing. 0_o

anyway, i’m swimming in a sea of really good music right now. here’s a snapshot of what i’m listening to.

currently spinning: postal service –

currently spinning: postal service – give up

have a lot of funny

have a lot of funny ideas about making mixtapes and such… i want to make a cheesy dance mix. i want to make a summer pop music mix. i want to make an indie mix. i want to make a girly indie pop-rock mix. i want to make a moody mix. and a rockin’ hard […]

interview with damon albarn

the san francisco bay guardian published a pretty nifty interview with damon albarn last week. read it here.

before i forget…

In case you haven’t heard, BLUR’s new cd is AMAZING. their bassist is pretty damn hot too. here’s a pic from coachella (i still need to post those pics.. doh!). no damon albarn pics to post just yet.. maybe eventually. =)

on mixtapes

jer and i were playing tennis today, and our conversation revolved around the topic of Semisonic’s last CD, “All About Chemistry.” That CD, if you haven’t heard it, is a debacle of catastrophic proportions. Gone was the Semisonic of such terrific albums as “The Great Divide” and “Feeling Strangely Fine;” here was a new Semi […]


lots of music in my head. current winamp playlist: who da funk – shiny disco ball fanny pack – cameltoe missy elliot – gossip folks 50 cent – in da club beatnuts – watch out now nas – i can liz phair – extraordinary rufus king – just what i need ben kweller – ice […]

The Flaming Lips at the Hollywood Palladium

we’ve got confetti everywhere!!! jer and i went to the flaming lips show last night at the palladium. openers were the starlight mints and liz phair. we missed the starlight mints, but liz phair (whom i was pretty excited to see) was pretty darned cool. i have to say though, her new stuff with The […]

here’s a sample of what

here’s a sample of what i’m listening to this week: blur – sweet song, good song (both off their new cd think tank, which is so good it brings me to tears) liz phair – extraordinary (which doesn’t seem to be the single off her new album, which i totally don’t understand) panjabi MCs – […]

blur’s set list from coachella

blur’s set list from coachella http://forums.blur.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=1785

song of the hour: weezer

song of the hour: weezer – only in dreams good old blue album. :) i know i’ve posted this up here before, but it demands a repost…

song of the hour: all

song of the hour: all american rejects – swing swing hey, the song is kinda catchy. =) check it out when you have a chance!

here’s a more detailed coachella

here’s a more detailed coachella update: woohoo, it’s COACHELLA!!! jer, julie, and i went to coachella on saturday. we left our place at around 11, but still got there so late — at about 4 — since it took more than an hour to get to westwood as there was a lot of traffic heading […]