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Kyochon Chicken Strips (and the delicious crispy rice batter that coats them)

I only discovered Kyochon Chicken last year, but I’ve been hooked. I get cravings for these delicious little chunks of tender and juicy marinated chicken battered in some sort of special rice coating that crisps up after it’s been deep fried and has just the slightest tinge of curry wafting under your nostrils and over […]

Kiss My Bundt needs to sell 5,000 mini bundts to stay in business | Daily Dish | Los Angeles Times

via latimesblogs.latimes.com I’ve never been here, but this looks delicious! The charming 3rd Street bakery Kiss My Bundt, which we have featured a few times in this blog (since its bundts and cupcakes are so tasty) is in a bit of trouble. Due to the recession and the rising cost of ingredients such as milk, […]

Ken and Charles take on the Windows7 Whopper Challenge

via youtube.com A couple of friends do the Whopper Challenge: 1 Whopper, 7 patties, 777 yen. Posted via web from pearl’s posterous

ooh, SoCal KFC coupons! $3 for 2pc deal, $10 chicken+biscuits

via kfcsocal.com who wants to go? mm.. KFC… Posted via web from pearl’s posterous

i love bento box blogs! SO CUTE!

via blogs.ocweekly.com The Art of the Bento Box – Stick a Fork In It Posted via web from pearl’s posterous