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Sue’s Kitchen

23918 Crenshaw Blvd Torrance, CA 90505-5211 (310) 539-1992 For an area that has so many Taiwanese/Chinese people, the South Bay has surprisingly few good Taiwanese places. So if you can’t make it out to the SGV (San Gabriel Valley), this place is definitely worth checking out. Tucked into a generic strip mall on Crenshaw, the […]

lunch at bamboo garden

lunch at bamboo garden Originally uploaded by jadepearli. at least I think it’s called Bamboo Garden. The only signs on the outside are in Japanese, so I’m really not 100% certain. At any rate, this little place is on Cravens Avenue in Downtown Torrance, and it has the best soba noodles around. Made fresh from […]

mm potstickers

so it’s kind of nice that jer is not around for a little while — I’d forgotten how nice silence is, and how nice it is to leave the TV off while you’re at home. I like that there aren’t larger-than-life faces peering at me from out of a giant slate-colored box, shouting at me […]


jer and i eat out way too much. so this weekend i had loads of fun rediscovering my kitchen! call me domestic, but it feels very good to be eating home cookin! dinner tonight: broccoli beef pickled kimchee radish and cucumber from mitsuwa miso soup with seaweed and tofu (that i made!! not just from […]

mmm… dim sum!!!!


augh! taco bell!!

it was a rare day today in that i went to taco smell today for lunch, and oh boy, i was reminded why that rarity remains so. their chicken soft tacos are fairly generous, but the meat is bone dry. i had drench my tacos in 5 packets of sauce just to get them to […]

joy of cheez puffs!!

i love planters cheez curls. they’re the most wonderful things ever. but they’re not exactly good for you, to put it lightly. =\ here’s the dietary info on them: total fat: 12g 18% saturated fat: 2.5g 12% polyunsaturated fat: 1 g monounsaturated fat: 1g sodium: 16% As one can imagine, these are really really tasty. […]

late night study food!!

okay, this is somewhat limited to those who can read chinese, but don’t be intimidated if you can’t! it’s a list of places in and around LA where you can get some good chinese/japanese late night grub. :) ChineseYpage.com: Late Night Snack

on ucla parking

I’m putting off writing my paper for my history of american pop music class, so I’m going to rant about UCLA parking for a little while. Parking at UCLA is HORRIBLE. I parked at a failed meter because I was late to class, and I came back to find out that the meter had been […]

Koreatown Clubbing

Le Prive is a club in Koreatown that I kept hearing about. I finally had a chance to go there Saturday night. My impressions: – it’s expensive. our table for 6 cost $200, not including tip. – the drinking is expensive (you only get a bottle of crown) – you do get a nice fruit […]