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young women and their changing attitudes toward love

Came across an interesting article in the WaPo today: Love’s Labor’s Lost – washingtonpost.com

HOW TO: renew your friendship with your laptop battery

How to recalibrate your laptop battery – Lifehacker I got a new laptop. It’s an Asus W3V. It’s awesome. WoW looks better on this thing than on my desktop. Yikes. I also got my camera back from Canon Repairs this week. Boy, I’ve missed that thing. Hooray! I’m all techified again.

Super-awesome plugin: SpamLookup!

one of the reasons my blog has been feeling “not-mine” lately is because i’ve been getting so much comment spam. over the weekend, i found a spiffy movable type plugin called SpamLookup that’s been doing a marvelous job filtering out the crap so far. I plug because I love.


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